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Wirelessly Stream Your Favorite Shows Straight To Your TV!


Why Buy TVFIRE Caster?


High Quality Product

Instant high definition screen mirroring from your phone to your big screen TV.


No Hassle Returns

If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund


Fast & Easy Setup

Made to function right out of the box with minimal effort or work! Plug and play connectivity!

Instant Streaming With Any TV

TVFire wirelessly streams apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, HBO Now, and thousands of others straight to your TV. TVFire uses your smartphone, tablet, or laptop as the remote control. It seamlessly connects to your Wi-Fi network and is completely compatible with even 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.


TVFire wirelessly connects to your Wi-Fi to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and more


Just connect TVFire to your Wi-Fi network and youre ready to go!


TVFire streams content at resolutions as high as 1080p!

Instant Streaming With Any TV

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Stream TV Shows, Movies, Music, And More

 TVFire is compatible with countless apps and streaming services, unlike some Smart TV’s that limit you to certain apps. You get lag-free streaming at a fraction of the price of other Smart TVs while still providing all your entertainment needs and more.
Stream Instantly, Wirelessly, Effortlessly.


TVFire Caster

Availability Is Limited !
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Buy 2 = $89 USD
Buy 3 (Get 2 Free)
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Buy 4 = $129 USD

Just $59.00 $118.00


I was so tired of straining my eyes watching TV on my tiny phone, but my TV isn’t compatible with my smartphone, and I cant possibly afford a Smart TV. TVFire is the perfect solution, I can now stream TV through it instead of squinting at my phone, staying close to a charger, fiddling with the tiny buttons and all that stuff. TVFire is great!"

"Changed from Google Chromecast that I bought in 2016, and ever since upgrading to this, I have had much more stable streaming quality, no buffer times for me anymore and 4K quality is just amazing. Also, before buying this please do know that you need a high speed internet plan for this to work flawlessly. I have a 400mbps package and no lag time for me."

"I've got three of these suckers. I had a firestick and found it nearly useless until I loaded it up with Kodi and 3rd party streaming addons... those addons broke. I'm using other means for streaming media locally and this was perfect for handling 4K streams over wifi."

"My only complaint is with my own foolish self, who thought an Ultra would improve performance of video casting from my iPhone. It does a better job that the predecessor unit, but I am still rarely able to get "perfect" high resolution video playback from videos on my iPhone. There must be a better way, possibly a better app to use than Google Photos. Hopefully someone will chime in here. WiFi is not the bottleneck at my place, I'm using a Gryphon and it works like a dream. A very nice dream."

I got this bc I don't have WiFi. Took a while to figure out how to get it to cast onto the TV from my Android phone (Moto g5s plus) without a WiFi connection. First, turn off WiFi setting on the phone. After TVFire plugged in, download Google Home app on the phone to connect. During setup, when ask to connect to WiFi, turn on the phone hotspot and connect to the phone hotspot instead of WiFi. After connection complete, can uninstall Google Home app and still cast via phone hotspot. Found helpful setup videos on YouTube."

"I have used this daily for a couple of months now, and have found it quite useful. I stream everything from YouTube to Movies and TV through it in 4k and it hasn't had any real issues with what I'm throwing at it. The only thing I'm knocking points off for is the fact that you don't have all the settings from the individual apps, i.e. in the YouTube app, you lose the ability to adjust playback speed. But other than that it's a useful device that does what it advertises, and does it quite well."

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